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Who is this for?

This survey is open to any person, regardless of location, home, or car owner status.

However, the survey was designed for City of Pittsburgh urban residents who live outside of the City’s downtown and commercial districts, and who also rely more on their own vehicles than they do for public transportation.



Target neighborhood-specific hurdles to PEV / PHEV ownership within Urbanite communities.

Compile a neighborhood-specific, community-needs assessment based on roadblocks to PEV/PHEV adoption for Urbanites.


Utilize the assessment to create a sustainable, reliable, and equitable pilot program to boost the EV adoption rate for Urbanites within the City of Pittsburgh’s geographic purview.

Boost EV adoption rates by utilizing targeted plans for residents who can’t adopt due to financial challenges, infrastructure inequities, or code & policy restrictions.



This survey is completely anonymous. We understand there are many current owners who are trying to fly under the radar due to current infrastructure regulations, so we are limiting specific info to zip code only. This way we can filter the results to City of Pittsburgh residents when necessary, while pinpointing the different challenges in each neighborhood.