What do Lasers have to do with your Product?



Well, for one they are the most accurate marks for scanning purposes. (Check out our Augmented Reality App)


2) Can accurately mark the smallest of objects

3) Put logos on Glass, wood, metal… And much more! But don’t ask for a cutting board. We’re not an Etsy store.

3) They’re cool

4) They can create traceability markers better than any method you currently have. Think about it. Stickers suck. That’s what a kid plays with.

5) They can be used for the stringest of medical market regulations for tracking and other functional uses. (Ever thought about how to get FDA approved textures for medical implants and devices?)

6) How about a cartridge design with a seamless image across all seamlines?

7) If you’re not yet convinced…. How about anti-counterfeiting, colored laser marks on metal packaging? Take a look at your credit card.

Customize your outreach

Use AR to bring your message with your logo






Increased Traceability


From the beginning of the supply chain, to the end consumer, build a reiable tracking method

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Fiber / CO2 / UV

You’ve seen lasers. You don’t need more pictures. 






…Or do you?


Yes, we can handle the tightest tolerance call-outs. We have deep ties to the most advanced manufacturing methods in the world.




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