Problems with your product supply chain?

Let us customize your solution

automated Drone inspections

You Farm. We get it. It’s a 24/7 commitment to protect your crops.

  • Male Identification for pollen control
  • High-resolution details
  • Time Manage more efficiently
  • Remote Monitoring

Control costs, decreasing disease & pest response time, or even utilize crop growth statistics and recognize growth inconsistencies!

Residential EV Curbside Charging

80% of EV owners charge at home

The 10 min walk: Almost all entry stages of EV charging installation plans use a guideline of a 10 min walk to the nearest charging station. If you own a Plug-in Hybrid, that could mean multiple trips per week!

Let’s get to the place where 80% of the people charge.

Wholesale Cannabis Auctions

Newly updated! Licensed Cannabis Wholesale Buyers bidding on Wholesale products. If it’s banned on eBay, you may find it here!

Selling your NFTs? You can now categorize more flexibly.


Augmented Reality

You probably already have an online presence, right? Videos too, yes? (If not we should definitely talk)

Let us enhance your brand identity by connecting your product to the customer’s techie-interweb computery thing.

Laser Engraving, Marking & Product tracking

Did you say UDI Medical Marking? Ok, maybe not, but we’re equipped to handle!

Maybe you are looking to combine Augmented Reality with your packaging & branding? Transform your art into 3D on metal or glass packaging!