What’s the Deal?

Newly founded in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Internodal.io strengthens the foundation of Emerging Supply Chains. While we began with support systems for the legal Cannabis & Hemp Industry, we primarily target pain points between farmers, communities, and end consumers, utilizing cost-efficient custom solutions.

“Think of us as a software company that enhances the power of the farmer in an emerging supply chain…”

Our Team brings a backing of over 50 combined years in:

• Cannabis Genetics

• Software PM & Development

• Electrical Engineering

• Manufacturing Process Chain

• Retail SCM

• Business Startups

• Old-timey Shenanagins.

Stretching well beyond Pennsylvania’s borders we bring a network of farmers, community leaders, manufacturers, distributors, and software development allowing us to overcome unique supply chain challenges as well as providing us the resources to overcome your specific hurdle.

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Joshua Freedman – Co-Founder

Internodal provides Pennsylvania grower-centric services to slim down costs and maximize profits. Short run, fast turnaround and liquidation services. Are you a grower in PA or CA? Looking for a Cannabis Contract? Let us know.



  • Joshua Freedman
  • “I love to negotiate”

 David Anglero – Co-Founder

I’m proud to be part of a multi-faceted team of tech professionals partnered with Guerrilla experience. Whether it’s farming, urban infrastructure updates, or new technology infrastructure hurdles, let’s work on ecosystem style solutions!


  • David Anglero
  • “I love to schedule meetings for meetings”



Farm as if the future depends on it.



Proud Partner of James Madison Distribution

“As a software and distribution company also focused on legitimizing the Cannabis Supply Chain, via proprietary and more modern and autonomous distribution methods, we proudly partnered with Internodal with a common goal of strengthening the power of the Independent Farmer” 

  • JMD
  • Said to have “conceived the U.S. constitution in a haze of hemp smoke”

“We’re happy to have Internodal as one of our partners, to help drive down costs for complaint PA Cannabis growers…”

Pennsylvania Cannabis Cooperative

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  • Cannabis Cooperative

Strengthening Farmers & Urban Communities

Community & Technology, Working Together