Agricultural Drones

Ready for Cannabis Farming

Update farming methods for Higher Yields

Weed out Males quickly!





Few companies can combine software and farming

Controling costs from seed to consumer…


Grow Larger canopies

Still hesitant to maximize your acerage?


Convert to Row farming


  • Maximize your profit margin
  • Grow like hemp for similar costs
  • Control Male population over acres…


Our Patent-pending AI software package identifies Male Cannabis or hemp plants virtually 100% of the time by also following fixed or varied, automated geo-locational flight patterns. This effective safety net controls cross-sex-pollination over acres worth of canopies.

Translation: Our software packed drones, will yield you exponentially higher THC and CBD yeild, which, you guessed it, translates into higher revenue for farmers. And we haven’t even gotten to talk about all the other monitoring features & benefits!


⇒ Proof of Concept video to release soon!

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